Simlet - EIGRP

Refer to the below exhibit. For Question 1, Question 2 and Question 3
BusyMoney Incorporated is a worldwide finance provider. The network uses EIGRP as its routing protocol throughout the corporation. The network administrator does not understand the convergence of EIGRP. Using the output of the show ip eigrp topology all-links command, answer the administrators questions:

Question 1:
Which three EIGRP routes will be installed for the /25 and networks? (choose three)

(A) D /25 [90/28160] via 01:26:35. FastEthernet 0/2
D /25 [90/30720] via 01:26:35. FastEthernet 0/3
(C) D /25 [90/30720] via 01:26:35. FastEthernet 0/1
(D) D /24 [90/30720] via 02:10:11. FastEthernet 0/1
(E) D /24 [90/28160] via 02:10:11. FastEthernet 0/1
(F) D /24 [90/33280] via 02:10:11. FastEthernet 0/1

Answers: B C D

The path with the lowest metric is called the successor
path. This successor routes are installed into the routing table.
Multiple successor routes for particular network can exist in routing table.

Question 2:
Which three networks does the Switch1 device have feasible successors for?
(Choose three)
(A) /30
(B) /24
(C) /24
(D) /25
(E) /25
(F) /24

Answers: A C F

EIGRP paths with a lower AD than the FD of the successor path
are guaranteed loop-free and called feasible successors.

Since networks /30, /24 and /24 all have routes with Advertise distance less or equal to that of feasible distance of successor route respectively.

Question 3:
Which three networks is the router at directly connected to?
(Choose three)

(A) /30
(B) /24
(C) /24
(D) /25
(E) /25
(F) /24

Answers: C E F


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Misterio N said...

I think the answers of the last question are B D F, because the frase "Via Connected ...."

Matthew said...

Nope, read the question again

Eng.Mohammed said...

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Do u have another one for BCMSN ???

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Vadim said...

Question 3 - network (F) /24 seems to be connected to this router: via Connected...
Or may be I miss something? Can you please explaine more in depth?

A said...

Can you please tell me when will you post more questions/answers?

Anonymous said...


Can you please advised why question 2's (E) is not a network that switch1 have feasible successus for...both FD are equal and their AD are less?

a3tips said...


Ask only about networks having Feasible Successors.

Whereas Option E ( has two successors (Both installed into routing table ) and it does not have any Feasible Successors routes if you carefully observe the Topology table.

Thats the reason we have not selected Option E .

Hope this helps

Jazi said...

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Ania said...


Shouldn't be subnet one of the answers for qestion no 3. Router ID from which comman output comes from has ID = so it's in same subent as Could you please as well give a bit more explanation to question no 3.

a3tips said...

hi Ania,

Yes the network is part of the directly connected..

Please check I have F has one of the option for Answer.


Rakesh Mandava said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for a great site your CCNA section helped tremendously. I Have one question on the BSCI EIGRP Simlet Question 2 why is E not an option for the answer ??

a3tips said...

For Q2.. Why E not an option :

Option E network in topology table have two successor routes.

Since question is about Feasible Successor we have not selected it has one of the option.