Trebuchet Enterprises recently completed merging with Oxybeles Endeavors. The two Companies have been using separate routing protocols on their corporate networks, and an immediate solution is required for the two companies to begin sharing data. A boundary router, Blockade has been established to perform mutual redistribution of route information between the two networks. Configure route redistribution from EIGRP into IS-IS and from IS-IS into EIGRP on the boundary router per the following requirements:

Seed metric for EIGRP must have the following characteristics :
Bandwidth = 512 kbps
Delay = 100
Reliability = 255
Load = 1
MTU = 1500

Seed metric for IS-IS must be set to 50.
Only redistribute Level-1 IS-IS routes into EIGRP.
Redistribute EIGRP routes into IS-IS as Level-1 routes.


Select the console port on BLOCKADE

Redistributing EIGRP routes into IS-IS as Level-1 routes with a seed metric of 50.

Blockade# configure terminal

Blockade(config)# router isis
Comment: Enters into isis routing process

Blockade(config-router)# redistribute eigrp 100 level-1 metric 50
eigrp 100
Identify the EIGRP AS Number using the show run command on blockade or trebuchet router.

Specifies the Level the EIGRP routes are redistributed into ISIS.

Metric 50
The redistributed routes have a seed metric of 50.

Redistributing IS-IS Level-1 routes into EIGRP with seed metric
Bandwidth 512 kbps; Delay=100; Reliability = 255; Load = 1 and MTU = 1500

Blockade(config)# router eigrp 100
Comment: Identify the EIGRP AS Number by using the show run command on blockade.

Blockade (config-router) # redistribute isis level-1 metric 512 10 255 1 1500
isis level-1
this keyword will only redistribute isis level-1 routes into EIGRP

metric 512 10 255 1 1500
seed metric of EIGRP.
metric {bandwidth} {delay} {reliability} {load} {MTU}
{Bandwidth}: in kbps
{Delay}: expressed in units of tens of micro seconds

Remember when Delay is given has 100
You must divide by 10 to get exact value to configure i.e
Delay = 100/10 = 10 (tens of microseconds)

If delay is 5 ms (milliseconds)
5 *1000 = 5000 microseconds
5000/10 = 500 (tens of micro seconds)
Delay = 500

Blockade (config-router) # redistribute connected
Comment: redistribute connected
When you use "redistribute connected" within your routing protocol, it automatically brings the connected networks/subnets into the routing protocol, just as if you had used multiple "network" commands within the routing protocol.

Blockade (config-router) # end

Blockade #copy runnig-config startup-config

To save running config to startup before exit.

Verifying Configuration:

Go to Trebuchet router
Verify the ISIS routes are redistributed into EIGRP domain
Using the show ip route or show eigrp topology command

Go to Oxybeles router
Verify EIGRP routes are redistributed into ISIS domain using show ip route command


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Andreas V said...

Nice work dude, your efforts are appreciated...

Could you pls explain why you added the "redistribute connected" option under the router eigrp configuration?

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a3tips said...

Hi Andreas,

" redistribute connected " is used at EIGRP to advertise its directly connected networks to its neighbors irrespective of these directly connected networks are part of any routing protocols.

Purpose of using redistribute connected here is to advertise the Host B network (Not part of EIGRP domain ) to its neighbors since we are not provided with its network information in exhibit, Sametime it also advertise S0/0 and S 0/1 of blockade router networks to others.

Hope these helps

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